Case number 2013r01804 and court docket number 17-cr-00183

case number 2013r01804 and court docket number 17-cr-00183

In the realm of legal proceedings, case numbers and court docket numbers serve as vital identifiers for specific legal matters. Among these, case number 2013r01804 and court docket number 17-cr-00183 have garnered attention for their significance and implications within the legal landscape.

Overview of the Case

Case number 2013r01804 refers to a specific legal matter initiated in the year 2013. This case has unfolded through various legal proceedings, involving intricate details, evidence, and arguments presented by both prosecution and defense.

Significance of the Case

The significance of case number 2013r01804 lies in its impact on legal jurisprudence, setting precedents, and influencing future court decisions. It addresses crucial legal issues that resonate beyond its immediate context.

Explanation of Court Docket Numbers

Court docket numbers, such as case number 2013r01804 and court docket number 17-cr-00183, provide a systematic way of organizing and tracking court cases. The format typically includes the year of filing, case type abbreviation, and a unique serial number assigned to each case.

Details of Docket Number 17-cr-00183

Docket number 17-cr-00183 corresponds to a criminal case filed in the year 2017. It involves specific charges, allegations, and legal actions pursued within the criminal justice system.

Key Players and Entities Involved

In any legal proceeding, various stakeholders play crucial roles in shaping the outcome of the case. These include the prosecution, defense, judges, witnesses, and other relevant parties.


The prosecution represents the state or the plaintiff and is responsible for presenting evidence and arguments against the accused.


The defense represents the accused and works to challenge the prosecution’s case through legal strategies, evidence, and counterarguments.

Other Relevant Parties

Additional parties, such as expert witnesses, law enforcement agencies, and affected individuals, may also have involvement or interest in the case.

Legal Proceedings and Developments

The progression of a case involves a series of legal proceedings, hearings, and judgments that shape its trajectory and eventual resolution.

Timeline of Events

A chronological overview of significant events and milestones provides context for understanding the case’s progression over time.

Judicial Decisions and Rulings

Judicial decisions, rulings, and orders issued by the court influence the direction and outcome of the case, impacting the rights and obligations of the parties involved.

Impact of the Case

The outcome of case number 2013r01804 and docket number 17-cr-00183 extends beyond the immediate legal ramifications, affecting broader aspects of society and law.

Legal Precedent

The legal principles established through this case may serve as precedents for future similar cases, shaping the interpretation and application of the law.

Social and Cultural Implications

The case’s resolution may have ripple effects on societal norms, public opinion, and cultural attitudes toward related issues.

Public Perception and Media Coverage

Public perception and media coverage play a significant role in shaping the narrative and public discourse surrounding legal proceedings.

Media Narrative

Media outlets often provide extensive coverage and analysis of high-profile cases, influencing public understanding and opinions.

Public Reaction

The public’s response to the case may vary, ranging from support for one party to criticism of legal processes or outcomes.

Analysis and Critique

Legal experts and commentators may offer analysis and critique of various aspects of the case, including legal arguments, procedural fairness, and ethical considerations.

Legal Analysis

Legal scholars and practitioners may analyze the case’s legal merits, examining statutes, case law, and constitutional principles.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical dilemmas and considerations may arise in the course of the case, prompting discussions about justice, fairness, and the rule of law.

Future Implications and Possible Outcomes

Anticipating the future implications of the case involves considering potential legal, social, and practical ramifications.

Pending Actions

Any pending actions, appeals, or further legal proceedings may shape the case’s ultimate resolution and impact.


Legal analysts may offer predictions or forecasts regarding the case’s long-term consequences and effects on related legal matters.


In conclusion, case number 2013r01804 and court docket number 17-cr-00183 represent significant legal matters with far-reaching implications. Beyond their immediate legal contexts, these cases contribute to the evolution of legal principles, societal norms, and public discourse. As they continue to unfold, their outcomes will shape future legal proceedings and influence broader aspects of law and society.


1. What is the significance of court docket numbers? Court docket numbers provide a systematic way of organizing and tracking court cases, facilitating efficient case management and record-keeping within the legal system.

2. How does case 2013r01804 relate to other legal precedents? Case 2013r01804 may establish legal precedents that influence future court decisions and interpretations of the law, impacting similar cases in the future.

3. Was there any controversy surrounding the case? Controversies surrounding the case may include legal arguments, procedural fairness, or public perceptions of the parties involved, contributing to ongoing debates and discussions.

4. What were the main arguments presented by the prosecution and defense? The prosecution typically presents evidence and arguments to support the charges against the accused, while the defense challenges these allegations and seeks to defend the accused against the charges.

5. Are there any ongoing investigations related to this case? Ongoing investigations or legal proceedings related to the case may continue to unfold, potentially influencing its ultimate resolution and impact on the legal landscape.